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I thought it was pretty funny, and true that his antics will be missed. But still, he did die TODAY, couldn't you have waited a bit?

physicsman09 responds:

In b4 too soon joke.

Poor Alfred, I feel so bad for you...

Another brilliant flash diving deep into a trauma victims mind. Excellent. If you were never traumatized like alfred, you'd never get it.

I love your work!

I could understand everything that was going on here. The part that stood out the most though, was the part with the word. We SCREAM! If you don't get even that, then you're lucky. This was very good and I have the feeling the crappy drawing and sound qaulity were intened, as it only adds to the insanity of alfreds playhouse.

Then again, I could be over-thinking things and this could just be a shit flash. ;)

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The RPG game I've been looking for.

This was wicked, dude this is the game I've been looking for since I was ten. I loved the skills for both the characters and I was glad there was no story, because i just wanna battle. Also, defeated goku. It was so hard.

This game is truly bad ass and has to go in portal history imo.


totally cool game guys! It was awsome, at the very start I was struggling, but I got to wave 20 then got owned by all those friggin big guys.

Love the weapons, and berricades, I think the price to buy the upgrades and weapons was appropiate. The sentry towers were a good idea because they got me past two waves without even having to move. The graphics were pretty good, and the gameplay was easy to use. All in all, awesome game.

P.S. Banshee is a fucking bitch.

pretty snazzy!

good game! I love the 8-bit music and style, plus the difficulty and fun when it comes to some levels, like run for the hills. It's an excellent game that teaches co-operation (duh) in a fun way.

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Cool song.

This song made me feel sadder then Land Locked(Pulse Remix), I have no clue why though. I think that this song is pretty good, also, I think that the guitar solo is fine the way it is, the suddeness of it just seemed kind of right with the song. Anyways, good song.

merlin responds:

Thanks for your reviews! I'm glad you liked my songs. It's always a goal of mine to portray emotion through my music, as well as my lyrics. This one has more of a letting go when you don't want to feel to it, where Land Locked has a letting go by your own choice feel to it.


This song is intense!

Seriously wicked song man. Way better then the origanol, definately downloading.

Cheers and keep making songs,

merlin responds:

Thanks for listening to both! I'm glad you liked it, man. Put it on your ipod, and rock out at all hours of the day. Stick around, I'm bound to crank out something new eventually!


omg, sadness and hapiness! :D:

I love it, it makes me want to cry because those years for me are gone and I want them back, but it's so pure and innocent like childhood itself that I feel happy. This is one of the best works on newgrounds easily.

P.S. the :D: at the end of the review titale is a sad and happy face, see if you combine them? :D + D: = :D:

You're reading this even though it doesn't really say anything important.

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